Certified Substitute Teacher (Bachelors Degree) Onboarding Process

Welcome and thank you for being interested in becoming a Certified Substitute Teacher!

1. Obtain a Teaching OR Substitute License through ODE (Ohio Department of Education).

  • If you already have a valid ODE license, skip to Step 2.
  • ODE Core User Manual (June 2022)
  • OH|ID Login-Apply for License
  • When asked for a Superintendent’s signature enter one of the following IRN numbers:
    • Butler County ESC (IRN # 046086)
    • Warren County ESC (IRN # 050401)
    • Do NOT select the district where you will be subbing.
  • A one-year sub license is $25; a five-year sub license is $125.

2. Complete Background Checks (BCI/FBI)
If you have a BCI/FBI completed within 365 days of being hired we will accept these copies.

If you do not have a BCI/FBI or it was completed more than 365 days ago, you will need to complete a new background check.

Butler County ESC BCI/FBI Background Checks

Warren County ESC BCI/FBI Background Checks

3. Email or call Anna or Donna once you have a copy of your current ODE Teaching or Substitute License and have processed your BCI/FBI to begin the online employment application.

4. Then you will receive an email from No-Reply Cog Subs to begin the online Substitute New Hire Packet. Notify us when you have completed the online forms. You will then receive an invite via email to schedule an online orientation.

5. Register for and complete the required two-hour Substitute Orientation Zoom Session.

EventBrite-Register for orientation

6. Set up your Absence Management account in Frontline after you attend the substitute orientation Zoom session to begin subbing.